Our Facilities    
  We have large collections of text books, reference books and useful periodicals, for the use of students. The students can take the books home and return them on the due date without fail. A librarian is in charge of the books and students are expected to follow his  instructions. A nominal fine will be charged from the defaulters. Identity cards should be produced for the issue of library books.  
  Computer Lab    
  The Computer Center with  personal computer terminals attached to LAN to cater to the computing needs of the students and faculty. A Multi-media system is also attached to the Computer Center. Besides the regular computer courses offered as part of the curriculum, the students are encouraged to apply their personal data in their studies and project work. The  
  computer courses sensitize the students about the application of information technology in business and management functions.  
  English Lab    
  A Language Lab is a facility where a student or any aspirant can learn a language with a help and guidance of a teacher through a system, to improve his or her speaking and listening capacity.  
  Internet Connectivity  
  An unlimited Internet Connectivity with high bandwidth is available at our computer lab. Students can use the internet for their academic purposes and for their emails.  
  Hostel accommodation will be provided for those needed. This convent hostel is efficiently and cheaply run by Carmelite sisters. Admission to the hostel will be at the instruction and direction of the principal. Good conduct and bearing is expected from the inmates. The students are to follow all the instructions of the warden.  Those found unruly and uncontrollable will be summarily  
  dismissed from the hostel and the college. We are stern on strict discipline.  
  Identity & Bus Concession Card  
  Identity card will be issued to all students and bus concession card will be issued to the necessary regular students. The students should submit two copies pf passport size images for each purpose.  
  Special scholarships are provided to financially backward students. This scholarship is provided by St. Antony's Educational and Charitable Trust