Regular Courses    
    B.Com. Co-Operation   B.Com. Income Tax  
    B.Com. Travel and Tourism   B.Com. Computer Application  
    B.B.A   B.C.A. Computer Application  
    B.Sc. Computer Science   B.LISc  
    M.B.A. Finance/ Marketing/ Human Resourse Management   M.C.A  
     B.A. English    B.A. Economics   
     Subsidiaries.    Subsidiaries.  
     Social and Cultural History of Britan.    Political Science.  
     Political Science.    Modern Indian History.  
     B.A. Malayalam    B.A. Sociology   
     Subsidiaries.    Subsidiaries.  
     Sanskrit.    Political Science.  
         General Psychology.  
      B.Sc. Mathematics     M.A. English  
     Subsidiaries.    Optionals.  
     Statistics.    Modern Indian Literature in Translation.  
     Mathematical Economics.    World Classics in Translation.  
         African Literature.  
         English Language Teaching.  
         Dissertation/Comprehensive Paper.  
      M.A. Malayalam     M.A. Hindi  
     Optionals.    Optionals.  
         Special Authors.  
         Translation/ Theory and practical.  
         Emininst Literature.  
         Satire (Vyangyasahity) with special reference  Harisankar Parsal.  
         Study of Modern Hindi Drama with reference  to Sanker Sesh.  
      M.A. History     M.A. Economic  
     Optionals    Optionals  
     Ancient Society or Ancient civilizations of  west Asia.    Economics of Population.  
     India The making of colony or Economic History of  Modern.     Dissertation / Optional VI /  Research Methodology for Economics.  
     India or History of Democratic institutions and  movements in England.     Economics of Agriculture.  
     Rise of modern china or Rise of Modern Japan.    Economics of Industry.  
     History of the capitalist World Trade of Diplomatic  History of USA.    Theories of Industry and Agriculture.  
     Contemporary India: Society and Economy.    Economics of Health and Education.  
     Dissertation/ Optional paper VI / Economic History  of Modern India.      
      M.A. Sociology     M.Sc. Mathematics  
     Optionals.    Optionals.  
     Gender Studies.    Fuzzy Mathematics.  
     Industrial Sociology.    Algorithmic Graph Theory.  
     Sociology of Kerala Society.    Coding Theory.  
     Personality and CounselingDissertation / Optional VI  Either.     Analytic Number Theory.  
     Social work and welfare or Sociology of Crime.    Internet and Java Programming.  
         Operation Research.  
     Mathematical Economics  
     Probability Theory.  
     Business Environment.      
     Financial Services.      
     Direct taxes – Assessment and Procedures.      
     Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.      
     Higher Accounting.      
     Dissertation / General Essay.